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Don't let things raise your baby

No I am not referencing the movie Where The Wild Things Are, I am talking about actual material items. Don't let things raise your baby.

These days moms spend hours upon hours perfecting their registries, myself included. There is a baby item for absolutely everything under the friggin' sun. It gets to be so overwhelming.

I realized today that most of my baby "gear" just sits around, never getting used, and taking up space.

Now that I have had two babies and two baby showers, I have realized that most of the stuff I thought I "needed" I actually did not. In fact I am against most of it now. It is designed to make having a baby more "convenient" for mom. I got news for you, being a mom is not convenient. Ever. Embrace it because it doesn't last forever.

Babies sleep, and when they are awake they should be in mommy's (or someones) arms... Do you really want a full blown bouncing, lighted up, spinning, swinging thing to mother your baby? I don't.

If you are going to invest in a baby item, let it be a baby carrier of some sort, preferably a wrap or sling. Learn how to use it, and it will be your best friend.

Think about how much time your baby spends in some sort of contraption!! Car seats, swings, bouncy seats, strollers, bouncers, baby entertainment centers... Ridiculous. Babies learn from mommy, not a toy. Babies need your touch, not a glowing thing in their face. My best advice to a new mom would be to remember LESS is more.

Ditch the baby stuff. Embrace every second that you get to snuggle up with that sweet thing because time is gone before you know it, and you can't get it back. Sleep with your baby, wear your baby, nurse your baby, and guess what?! Happy baby.

Can't afford organic? I have your solution.

Organic produce is really expensive. Is it worth it? YES. However if you can't afford organic then that doesn't mean you should not buy produce... Your body needs fruits and veggies. Feeding a family of 5 all organic food is not cheap. Some months the budget is tighter and buying organic is a luxury we can't afford. Below is a picture of WASHED blueberries still covered in pesticides that will go straight into your family's body unless you do something about it.
See all that white nastiness? That is chemicals going straight into your body! Eww. So what can you do about it? Here is my solution:

Young Living essential oils! I soak my produce in water and grapefruit essential oil (lemon works too) and it removes the nasty chemicals that rinsing alone can't get rid of.

1.Fill up the sink with water
2.Add 10-15 drops of essential oil
3. Soak for about 15 mins (every couple minutes I go move everything around to make sure the oil touches all the produce)

The result:

What an amazing difference!! Not only does the oil break through all those pesticides, but it kills fungus that could have possibly grown on the food and naturally and safely preserves the produce. Not only that, but the remaining oil has amazing health benefits and is medical grade and safe to take internally (only Young Living oils are safe to ingest, so don't do this with oils you buy at the store!)

To order oils, schedule a class on essential oils, or ask questions, email me at:!

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