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Hazel's immune system passed it's first test!

Ok, so most of you are thinking that I am nuts at this point because who really blogs about a kid getting sick?! Well, this was a big deal for me. I take great pride in my daughter's extraordinary health. It is also a big deal because I was amazed at the great strength it takes to practice what you preach and not let fear kick in.

Hazel just turned two and as I said in my last post, has never needed to go to the doctor for a sickness or even had anything worse than the sniffles. Most moms are amazed at this because the average two year old has had at LEAST a handful of illnesses and been on antibiotics for at least half of those. I attribute Hazel's health to her lack of vaccines, healthy diet, and that she was breast fed until she was 17 months old (would have been longer if I didn't get knocked up again, hehe.)

When she started feeling warm on Christmas Eve, I imagined it was her two year molars coming in, as this is the only other time she has ever run any sort of temperature. We gave her homeopathic teething tablets and carried on with our regular activities. As the next couple days went on, she was not wanting to eat, feeling warmer and warmer and super clingy. It was so sad! I still don't know what she was battling, but we let the sickness run its course and find its way out of her body without any sort of medical intervention (not even Tylenol or Motrin.) I used all the natural methods I had in my arsenal (essential oils, baths, cold compresses,prayers, fluids and lots of love.) Her body was detoxing. The crappy food from the holiday season in combination with the crazy schedule, and messed up sleep routine totally threw her body off. She needed a reset.

I made an effort to let her immune system do what God intended it to do instead of putting chemicals in her body that would further suppress the illness into her body. It took a little over a week for all the symptoms to subside. The first morning that she woke up feeling good again I could tell because her eyes looked brighter and clearer than they had in a really long time! She came out of it stronger and healthier than she was before! I call that success!

I look at sickness differently now. I see it as an opportunity to cleanse and refresh the body. I am so glad I stuck with my gut and didn't give her anything that would interfere in this process. I spent every waking moment, for a week, tending to her every need and monitoring her closely. I am not sure that every parent has the time or patience to do this, and I can understand because there were times I was tempted to go get some Motrin so I could get a break. With all the knowledge I have gathered over the years, I couldn't bring myself to do it and now I am very glad.

When I was starting to question myself I went to my trusted sources for information on health, this is one of the articles that gave me reassurance, I suggest taking the time to read it.

Here is to a happy, healthy New Year! Blessings, friends!

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