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Is God REALLY in control?

No, he is not. He has not put himself in a position of control in our lives, if so we would be robots. We decide whether or not we want him there. We can give him the control, the decision is ours completely. People tend to blame God when things don't go their way, even though they have never wanted anything to do with him. It is like having a party and setting up a beautiful spread of food with gorgeous china covering the whole table. All the sudden you walk in the room and the whole table is destroyed. You blame it on one of your guests. The problem is that that guest isn't at your party, they weren't even invited. You can't blame someone who is not there.... The only way that God will come into your life is if he is invited, otherwise you are on your own. If things aren't going your way maybe you should stop blaming him and start asking for his help, just sayin'.

To V or not to V: Are We Playing God?

As mothers and fathers one of the most amazing times is watching our babies naturally grow into their own little people. Without doing anything extraordinary these babies grow from a tiny grain of sand to a perfect bundle in nine short months. All the systems are formed in the womb unassisted and perfectly orchestrated, but then they are born.... All of the sudden we think that God needs our help and  we start injecting their bodies with harmful toxins so that they stay "healthy."

The hepatitis B vaccine is given to babies as early as the first day of birth. Did you know that hepatitis B is either sexually transmitted or contracted through sharing needles? Last time I checked babies aren't having sex or shooting anything up. Did you know that 14 of the childhood vaccines contain tissues from aborted human babies? Did you know that mercury is the second most toxic element on the planet? Mercury is still in vaccines and is listed as an ingredient on the CDC's website, regardless of what drug manufactures might say. Did you know autism and mercury poisoning have the same symptoms?

I am a mom, I am not a doctor. I do not have a medical degree, but I can read. People need to know that they have a choice, and you are still able to decide what you put in your child's body. Educate before you vaccinate, do your research, talk to someone whose child has vaccine damage, and follow your heart. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question!

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