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Beauty--- Blessing or curse? Your choice.

As a new mom it is so hard to turn on the TV and see beautiful, skinny, and perfect women everywhere. It actually makes me want to throw something at the screen and then cry. We see the Victoria's Secret commercials and the reality TV stars and automatically begin to compare ourselves. Or maybe we don't even compare because we know that we are nowhere near looking like that....

Take yourself back to a moment in which you felt your most beautiful. Think. I know you have at least one moment where you were proud to be in your own skin. For me it was my wedding day.. I had spent countless hours preparing my dress, nails, hair, makeup, tanning, exercising....blah blah blah. Considering all the work it took I better feel fricking fabulous! I knew that I was the most beautiful on that day, it didn't matter what everyone else looked like because that was MY day. It has now been a short year and a half since then and a lot has happened to me. My body has sustained a gorgeous baby girl since the time she was conceived a year ago. What could possibly be more beautiful than that? She has survived solely off of my body. After being pregnant for 9 months and gaining weight, swelling up, stretching out and feeling gross, the last thing that I felt was beautiful. I would sit on the couch and look at pictures from my "skinny days" and wish I could look like that again. The problem is that when I did look like that I still wasn't happy. My beauty was a curse. I had to look like that VS model or I wasn't beautiful. I could never be content because no matter how much I tried there was always somebody prettier. Curse. Comparing your beauty to someone else's is a CURSE. Finally I have come to the point that I will not curse the beauty that I felt on my wedding day by comparing it to someone else. Do you find yourself comparing? To compare is to curse. Instead of cursing yourself, start considering your beauty a blessing. What do you like about yourself? Your eyes, smile, hair? Focus on the things about yourself that make you feel beautiful. Nobody can compare to you. Take the things that make you feel best about yourself and do them more often. Even if it is as simple as taking a shower and putting a little makeup on. Use the unique and special beauty God gave you as a blessing, something special that only you have. I don't care how good those models look they can't take away your special piece of beauty. Cherish it and appreciate it, don't curse it. Beauty is a choice because we all have felt it. Is yours a blessing or a curse?

Are you sick of it?

As a new mom, it can be exhausting to constantly hear everyone and their opinions on how you should raise your child. Everyone says "trust your instinct" but there are so many messages coming at us that there is no way to know what your "instinct" is anymore. We live in a very "sick" society and unless someone is in good health and doesn't take prescription meds or have multiple surgeries under their belt, I personally don't even want to hear their opinion. We are bombarded with commercials from pharmaceutical companies telling us how to "fix" our problems and then our doctors confirm that presciption medication is indeed the answer to our problems. What do you think?

Our bodies are natural. They were not made to be pumped with chemicals and drugs. Sickness is all around us and if our bodies don't have what they need to combat illness then we are going to fall into the trap. If we want to get healthy and stay that way, the first thing you need to do is provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function. For now, forget the things that you need to avoid in order to stay healthy, that is a different topic altogether. Lets just talk about a couple things that you can eat or ADD to your diet in order to improve your overall health. I don't know about you, but I get sick of hearing about all the things you can't have, with no ideas of things you should have. Start with avocados. The best thing that you can eat is probably an avocado. It is loaded with antioxidant properties and over fourteen minerals. They are 80% fat, but it is all good fat that your body needs in order to function. They have anti-aging properties, protect against cancer and eye diseases and are high in fiber. They have compounds that lower cholesterol and help prevent heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. All of these results from one little avocado!!! Imagine how much healthier you would be if you just commited to putting an avocado into your family's salad every night, or making guacamole!

Second thing I have personally felt change my body are Chia seeds. Yes, like the pet. Just two tablespoons of chia per day gives you 4160 mg of omega-3 and over 8g of fiber. They promote a healthy heart, good muscular health, healthy skin and hair, stonger immune system, weight loss, joint function and mobility, and they are loaded with antioxidants. You can buy chia seeds online or in health food stores. They have no flavor and can be added to food or taken alone.

I challenge you to add these two things into your diet and start to give your body what it needs to stay healthy and strong. We live in a toxic society. Most of our food is toxic (unless you buy organic) and we are pumped with toxic chemicals through vaccines, and prescription medications. Take charge of your health and start adding disease and toxin fighting foods into your diet and I guarantee you will save on your health care costs! As a mom, I am tortured by the thought of little babies being loaded with toxin after toxin with no way of escape from their bodies. They become prisoners to their own bodies and only you as their parent can help clean them out and give them what they need to fight off all the bad! Do it!

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