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Dear Wives with Selfish Husbands,

At some point or another all of us wives, myself included are guilty of getting mad at our husbands for being selfish.

"I am home all day with the kids, making all the meals, doing all the shopping and then he has the nerve to leave me here anyway and go watch the game with a friend."


"I never get any time to do the things that I want to do, yet he wants to go play (insert sport here) and he doesn't even ask me."


"I work all day too, yet I am the one who has to come home and cook, clean, pay bills. So selfish."

After spending some time being miserable I realized that while indeed husbands can be selfish from time to time, I am also guilty. It is not his fault that I don't get time to myself. It is my own fault for not saying I need time to myself, and actually taking the time. He is always happy to let me have some free time. More than my selfishness or his, there is a bigger issue at hand. It's a heart issue.

Part of a good relationship is sacrifice.

When Jesus died for us we were nothing but lost, selfish, little jerks, yet because he loved us he gave up everything for our freedom. As Christians we are supposed to die to ourselves and live for him first, and sometimes this means sacrifice. He suffered being beaten, humiliated, betrayed and killed and yet we complain because our husbands don't appreciate us? "It's just not fair" we say. Well it wasn't fair that Jesus died for a bunch of sins he didn't commit, either. Life is not fair, and the sooner we realize it the happier we will be. I understand that being a mom and wife can be hard work, but we are supposed to do all our work to the Lord, not to men. He will repay us, just as Jesus was repaid for his sacrifice and now is seated at the right hand of the Father!!

I encourage you to remember that we are called to something BIG, but it starts in our home. Serve your family with joy, hang in there on the hard days, and love your "selfish" husbands.

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