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Love is Blind

"You're so pretty mommy," said my two year old little boy as he smashed my face between his little boyish hands. I hadn't showered, no makeup, hair looking crazy. "Love is blind, my sweet little boy," I told him. He ran off playing and left me pondering all things about love.

I wish I could be more like him. He doesn't judge my bad mommy moments, he doesn't care if I am still in my pajamas at noon, he only sees the good in me. He knows I feed him when he is hungry, kiss his boo boos when he falls, and love him with my whole heart. There is a reason the bible says that unless we are like a little child we will not enter the kingdom of heaven. We adults make everything so complicated. Jesus said to love, not to judge our brothers, and forgive those who do us wrong.

What if we stopped seeing all the flaws in our spouses and insisted on only recognizing the good things about them? What if we ignored that rude thing they said, and gave it to God instead? What if we praised them for the things that they are doing right, instead of nag them for their short comings? What if we stopped trying to control them, and started giving God the reigns?

What if we stopped complaining about how our kids are so difficult and started noticing the amazing little people they are growing up to be? What if we started realizing their God-given abilities and encouraged them to discover more? What if we prayed more, yelled less? What if we spent more time training them up in the way they should go so that when they are old they will not depart from it?

What if?

We would be more like Jesus.

Jesus has a blind love for us. In Christ, the bible says that we are a new creation, which means we are righteous, holy and perfect. That is what He sees. He died for all the sin, it is wiped away. He sees all of our good qualities and he encourages us in those. His Word guides us and shows us a mirror image of who we are in him so that we are no longer interested in returning to our former ways.

Does this mean that we live in a fantasy world of unicorns and butterflies and refuse to see any problems? No, but it means that because of His unconditional love, we are free to love others with the same kind of blind love.

"By this all will know that you are my disciples, that you have love for one another." John 13:35

Did you know that most people feel like they are unlovable? If there was one good thing about an overall problematic person and you were to find it, and point it out, do you know what that would do for them? It would empower them. It would make them want to be better. That is what Jesus does with us.

I challenge you to try it. Think of the most difficult person in your life and start focusing on their positive traits. Acknowledge the good things about them, mix it with prayer, and let God do the work on their hearts. If you can't think of anyone, do it on yourself. Stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself, focus on the things you like, read the Word to discover who you are in Christ, and let God turn you into the man or woman he made you to be!

I would love to hear your Love is Blind moments! Take the challenge and share your testimonies in the comments!


Why I Plan to Shelter My Children

Lately I have been shocked and disturbed when I read the headlines and see the moral decline of our society as a whole. I don't like the world that my children will grow up in. I realize that if I want them to have a good life and make an impact on this world my job as a parent is more important than ever.

When we talk about sheltering our children, people get visuals of weird cult like communes with people who dress like they live in the early 1900's. That is not what I am talking about. I firmly believe that we as Christians are the light of the world and we must go out into the world in order for that light to shine, due time. We can't throw our kids out to the wolves with no expectation of what they will encounter or how to deal with it when they do. 

Public schools are now introducing sex education to children as young as 4th grade. This is not just regular sex education, but graphic, pornographic images along with information on masturbation, abortion, how to use condoms, and the differences between oral, anal and vaginal sex. These are not subjects I want my children to learn from a curriculum void of moral values. The new common core curriculum eliminates anything relating to creation and teaches everything based off the theory of evolution. I don't want to have to spend hours when they get home undoing all the wrong information they have gotten at school. These reasons, among many other things are why my children will not attend public school.

If children don't have a solid foundation of truth, grounded and rooted in the Word of God, they will not be able to withstand the pressures of this life. We don't have very many years with them to establish this foundation and I don't want to waste time by allowing their minds to be filled with the agenda of the federal government, which is what the common core curriculum is. Not only do they get it from school, but through the use of the internet on their personal electronics, TV, and music. If their negative input is more than they positive input you are going to have a problem. It is that simple. 

I love country music, it has always been my favorite, but lately I can't even let my kids listen to it! It used to be about God and Country and now it's all about getting drunk and sleeping around! It is not exactly cute when you hear your kid singing a lyric about a hangover. 

Sheltering my children will allow them to establish a sure foundation so that they can go out into the world and accomplish all God has for them. Without a foundation, they will crumble and be tossed every which way like the waves in the sea. 

As an adult I am finding it necessary to shelter myself! My husband laughs at me because every time a scary commercial comes on TV I cover my eyes and ears and look the other way. I know that might seem ridiculous, but when I was younger I used to love scary movies and over time I started to struggle with fear. It crept in and started setting up camp in many areas of my life. I had to stop any entrance of fear and scary movies were one of those entrances. I live a sheltered life compared to many people my age but guess what? I am happy, I am confident, I have good relationships, I don't get depressed or anxious, I am excited for my future, and I am free. If living a sheltered life doesn't work then don't wake me up because it's working for me!

Does this mean you remove yourself from the world? No. As Christians we are in this world, but we are not of this world. We are called to be salt and light to those around us (Matthew 5;13-16.) We should be a blessing wherever we go, we should help people find freedom in their lives, we should be opening ourselves up to be used by God. We should be influencing, not being influenced. This is not only what I want for myself, but what I want for my children.

What about you? Do you feel the need to get back to basics with your kids in our ever changing society?

I would love to hear from YOU! 


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