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Merry merry Christmas from the Schieber Tribe of Five!

So instead of posting every single Christmas picture I took on Facebook, I decided to just pick my favs and blog them with a little commentary to go with each.  This year was full of some really low lows, and some really high highs, but all the lows turned out for best, and I realize more than ever how much God has his hand in every area of our lives. Our God is faithful!

 Santa came!!! Not going to lie, our kiddies are SPOILED!

Shameless selfie with my main squeeze ;) He loves me.

Absolutely positive that he is the one made for me, and me for him! I married my best friend. This year was our best, so happy to do life with him. I could go on all day...What more could a girl ask for?


Our babies with their new cousin Grady! Bre is glowing, this was her first time holding his teensy weensy self!

She lit up when we put him in her arms!

Eli was helping Daddy make a fire! He was not a good helper, but he is cute so we excuse it ;)

Eli is just enamored with his Uncle Joey, who happens to look like Jesus. 

If I could describe this little girl in one pic, this would be it! She lights up the whole house with her silly, sassy, bossy, smart, and sweet little self! I just adore her.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Looking forward to an even better 2014! God bless!


Don't Cater to the Haters

If you are anything like Dustin and I, you probably record and watch every episode of Duck Dynasty religiously. It is literally like a little ritual for us, we put the kids to bed, grab a snack and snuggle up on the couch to enjoy every last second of that wonderful Robertson clan. The whole controversy surrounding the things Phil Robertson said in an interview really got me thinking about how this situation relates to every single person on the planet. If you are going to make a hard stand, on any given issue, you are going to have haters. What is a hater? Let me define it for you...

A hater is someone who doesn't like what you stand for, and no matter what you do, you will not please them. My message is simple, don't waste your time trying. If someone doesn't like you, or your cause, it doesn't matter what you do, it won't be good enough. Thank GOD Phil Robertson is man enough NOT to apologize for believing what the bible says. He knows you can't cater to haters.

Do you have people who hate you for what you believe, or who you are? If you have read any of my previous posts then you know I definitely do, because I take hard stands on certain topics. I have had friends get offended and tell me I should not be so harsh. You know what I say to them? Keep scrolling! If you don't like what I write, don't read it. For every offended person, I have someone who heartily agrees with me, and that is who I write for. 

This applies in every area of your life. Take a step back and look at your relationships, who are your haters? Do you find yourself constantly trying to please them and never able to make that happen? I know Dustin and I have learned a lot in this area, and have realized that you cannot ever base decisions on trying to live up to other people's standards. Find out who you are, and what you believe, and stand your ground. You will be surprised how many wonderful, like-minded people find their spot comfortably next to you. Remember, the haters only have a voice if you give them one. 


Sample menu for toddlers!

Recently I saw a blog somebody wrote on a weeks worth of what their toddler ate. I thought it was a great subject to blog about because most littles are quite picky! Both of our girls and even the baby (so far) are really good eaters.

Statistically, 75% of children will have an ear infection by the time they are 3. Hazel is turning 3 at the end of this month and has never had one. Not only that but she has never had any sickness that would require antibiotics. Eli is 10 months and so far, same for him! I attribute their health to lots of factors, but food is one of the biggest. I like convenience just as much as any mom so you aren't going to find stuff made from scratch on this post! These are simple, everyday ideas...

I don't believe in coincidence when it comes to health, if a kid is sick a lot, it's because something is off in their body. One of the most important things you can start with is their diet... Here are some ideas:


  • Organic cereal with raw milk (see the amazing benefits of raw milk at
  • Organic frozen waffles (I usually buy Van's) and grade B real maple syrup
  • Homemade organic pancakes (you can buy organic mixture and just add organic eggs, raw milk, and coconut oil)


  • Rolled up turkey and cheese (make sure its nitrite-free turkey if you can't find organic) with organic apple slices or clementine slices
  • Organic macaroni and cheese. Annie's makes a gluten free/organic version, and I use raw milk and coconut oil for the added health benefit. Add some frozen blueberries on the side and my kids are happy (Costco sells a huge bag of organic, wild blueberries for like $11)
  • Grilled Cheese. Ezekial bread (or any sprouted grain bread) is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat and it also makes a pretty darned good grilled cheese! Use some organic grass fed butter and cheese and you have a healthy and yummy lunch!

We don't make special stuff for the kids for dinner. They eat what we eat. I make almost all my meals organic, and non GMO. I try to stay away from gluten, but if we have it, it's organic, and preferably from sprouted grains.

For snacks I always keep some sort of fruit or veggie in the house as the first option. They like carrots and organic dressing, apples, berries, and oranges. Pirate's Booty, and Annie's cheddar bunnies too are popular around here too. I try to keep the yogurt and sweeter stuff for their after dinner snack.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas for your little ones. Remember, stay away from packaged foods that are not organic, they are full of poison!

I would love to hear from YOU, what wholesome foods do your kids like?

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