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How to keep your kids healthy during cold/flu season!

I am very proud of the fact that my daughter has never had to go to the doctor for being sick. Even though she is constantly exposed to sick children, including her sister, she never catches these illnesses! They even share drinks, food, give kisses, you name it and I really don't even worry about her catching anything. Actually, I welcome the exposure to these things, because I believe it is part of the reason her immune system is so strong.
This is my little health nut :)

Am I a super awesome, better-than-you mom? I wish I could say that is the reason, but it isn't. I have simply taken a bunch of information from other moms with healthy kids, along with my own research and applied it to my kid. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Are you sick and tired of your kids being sick and tired??? Well read on, my friend. I am going to give you the non-magical tips that I believe lead to the reason my daughter is healthier than any kid I know. *Please note: I am just a mom sharing what works for my daughter, I am not a doctor. *

1. DON'T get the flu shot. You may think you are doing your child a service by staying ahead of the game for cold and flu season, but you are actually damaging their immune system and not allowing it to work its own magic. The flu shot is indisputably loaded with mercury and other toxins that are harmful to the human body and natural immune responses.

2. Keep processed foods and sugar to the minimum. Did you know that Halloween is the kick starter for cold and flu season? Why is this? Well, sugar severely compromises the immune system. After Halloween you have all the other sugar filled holidays and it just makes a big mess that your body can't keep up with. I am not a completely unrealistic person, and I myself am a chocolate lover so my best advice is to only give your kids these things for special occasions.

3. Fruits, veggies, and water!!! So simple. I am really blessed that my daughter absolutely loves fruits and veggies. She would live off of them. She eats fruits and veggies with every meal I make, and for snacks in between. Some easy options are raisins and other dried fruit, berries, and bananas. All things that don't require peeling or slicing so they are super easy. Fruits, vegetables and water are the best ways to detox their bodies from the toxic environments we live in.

4. Supplements. I give them vitamins and probiotics. If they are eating a balanced diet then this may not be necessary, but something high in vitamin D is recommended since kids tend to get less sun during the winter months. Vitamin D is crucial for a properly functioning immune system.

5. Essential Oils! I use Young Living essential oils daily. I use them for non-toxic cleaning, washing my fruits and veggies, for any skin issue, or even just as sickness prevention if we are surrounded by sicklings (which happens quite a bit this time of year.) Did you know you can get rid of ear infections, back pain, fevers, headaches and tons of other conditions with essential oils? I love it, I feel like I have my own doctor kit right at my finger tips!

Young Living also carries a drink that is very high in anti-oxidants that we try to keep around at all times. It is called Ningxia Red. A few months ago, I started having that little itch in my throat that happens before a cold, I drank a couple ounces and within hours my throat was 100% better and I didn't get sick. I highly recommend it for kids too, because it tastes good and is easy to get them to drink. If you want more info on essential oils you can email me at

I also believe that not vaccinating and breastfeeding lead to a healthier child, but these may not be options for you if you already have an older child. The best you can do is detox them with healthy foods and essential oils. If you do these 5 things, I guarantee you will see a difference in your child and get them on the road to a stronger immune system!

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