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The Reason I don't have any problems

I have never had my three year old stress out over whether or not I would provide snacks for him. My five year old has never gone on google to check her symptoms if she isn't feeling well. Our nine year old has never had to question if there would be enough gas in the tank for us to take her to school.

Is that strange?


Children never worry about anything, and if they do worry about something we reassure them that it will be okay. They believe us.

There is a reason why people miss being a kid and not having any problems. Yet the funny thing is that when they were kids, there were just as many problems in the world.

The problem is not the problems but rather that we have let them become OUR problems.

The bible tells us that unless we become like a child we will never inherit the kingdom of heaven. Why is this? Children are faithful little creatures. When you tell them something they believe you. It's simple. They don't have any problems because they know that we, their parents will take care of all their problems.

God wants us to trust him to fix our problems. He tells us in his Word that by his wounds we are healed. He tells us that he became poor so that we through his poverty, we could become rich. He tells us that he has good plans for us. Plans for a hope and a future. He tells us that this is a free gift. He tells us that grace has provided for it.

He gave us everything we could possibly ever need or want by grace. Undeserved favor. We can't earn it. No matter how hard we try.

The only way to receive everything that he has provided by grace is to take it by faith. We have to use our faith to be healed. We have to use our faith to prosper. We have to use our faith to overcome our circumstances.

You cannot be in faith and in worry at the same time. Worry is fear and it's the polar opposite of faith. If you need something from God, he has already provided it for you. Your job is simply to rest in the finished work. Like a child.

"Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief." Hebrews 4:11 KJV

The only "work" you should be doing is the disciplined work of getting rid of unbelief so you can stay in a state of rest (faith.) Keeping fear and doubt out of your mind is your only job. And it is not an easy job because we live in a fallen world. A world that revolves around fear. God gave us his Word which can renew your mind to the truth. His Word is the only way to break the cycle of fear and doubt, that if left unchecked, will run your life.

Am I saying that you won't ever have any problems? No, not at all. I could list quite a few things in my own life right now that I could be worrying about. I have chosen not to do that. I have rolled my problems over to the Master problem-solver instead. If I get tempted to be anxious then I get in the Word and remind myself who I am. I am royalty. The God of the universe is my Father. He wants to take care of all my problems, but he can't do it if I won't give them to him. Remember, it is by faith that we inherit the promises. Faith rests and lets him do the work.

I challenge you to renew your mind to this truth. We are so used to "working" that it almost feels irresponsible to let go and give him your problems. We are so accustomed to solving our own problems that we feel our whole world will crash down if we don't take care of it ourselves. That is what the enemy wants you to believe because a burned out Christian is an ineffective Christian.

It's time to start seeing your break through! So tell me, what do you need from God?


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