Welcome to Courtney Schieber Ministries!

Jesus called us to be disciples, not just Sunday morning Christians. Courtney's passion is to inspire believers to be  students of the Word of God who are living in faith and changing the world!

The purpose of this ministry is to create laborers for His abundant harvest to seek, save, and disciple the lost. 

Upcoming Events:

Women With Vision

Women With Vision 10 week meeting sessions are designed to help women discover who they are in Christ, and how to attain victory in their health, finances and relationships.

Next event TBA

Proof of Love Prison Tour

October 4th- ADX Men's Federal Prison, Colorado
November 4th- Lowell Correctional, Ocala, Fl.
December 2nd- Lowell Correctional, Annex, Ocala, Fl. 

Courtney Schieber Ministries is a ministry of My House Church.

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