Welcome to Courtney Schieber Ministries!

Jesus told us two things, "Go" and "Love." We cannot love in word only, but in deed and truth. Our assignment is to walk through every open door and prove His love with the power of God. He promises the signs and wonders, if we will preach His Word!

The purpose of this ministry is to create laborers for His abundant harvest to heal, seek, save, and disciple the lost. 

Upcoming Events:

Women's Empowerment Conference

Come join us for this FREE, 2 day conference exploring, and tearing down the lies that have held women in bondage, both in life and ministry. Each session will focus on the three most misunderstood and abused topics concerning women...SUBMISSION, SILENCE, and SEX. Both men and women are invited to join, as we celebrate both sexes and enjoy new freedoms in our relationships and ministries! Child care will be provided! 

Courtney Schieber
Jessie Ilea
Betsy Beers

1st session: Friday, November 9th at 7pm
2nd session: Saturday, November 10th at 11am
3rd session: Saturday, November 10th at 2pm

November 9th, 10th at:
Harvest Time International
225 N. Kennel Rd
Sanford, Fl.

Courtney's Prison Meetings

November 3rd- Lowell Correctional, Ocala, Fl.
December 1st- Lowell Correctional, Ocala, Fl.

Courtney Schieber Ministries is a ministry of My House Church.

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