Welcome to Courtney Schieber Ministries!

Jesus told us two things, "Go" and "Love." We can't love only in word, but in deed and truth. Our assignment is to walk through every open door and prove His love with the power of God. He promises the signs and wonders, if we will preach His Word!

The purpose of this ministry is to create laborers for His abundant harvest to heal, seek, save, and disciple the lost. 

Upcoming Events:

Women With Vision

Women With Vision 10 week meeting sessions are designed to help women discover who they are in Christ, and how to attain victory in their health, finances and relationships.

Valentine's Power Brunch- Saturday, February 10th, 11am
30134 Cheval St.
Mount Dora, Fl 

Courtney's Prison Meetings

January 6th- Lowell Correctional, Main Unit, Ocala, Fl.
January 26-29th- Sterling Correctional Facility, Colorado
February 3rd- Lowell Correctional Main Unit, Ocala, Fl.
March 3rd- Lowell Correctional, Main Unit, Ocala, Fl.
April 7th- Lowell Correctional, Main Unit, Ocala, Fl.

Courtney Schieber Ministries is a ministry of My House Church.

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